Current state

Very frequently, chronic Disease patients (e.g. chronic respiratory ailments) do not have regular and frequent communication with their physicians, as they should, for various reasons: lack of time, economic difficulties or negligence; this in turn may induce exacerbation of their chronic condition and possible hospital admission. On the other hand, closer connectivity of humans and systems, through use of the latest technologies of smartphones, clouds and intelligent data mining, can ensure uninterrupted care and chronic ailment crisis avoidance.

We propose an integrated solution that:

Connects chronic patients to their physicians through a cloud infrastructure and online services, and a mobile application (iChronic), thereby enabling regular monitoring of patients and avoidance of medical emergencies.

Proposes a new, sustainable and innovative business model that provides at low cost and at significant savings to the national health system, a preventive health service for chronic patients, by combining human medical expertise with state-of-the-art online service delivery based on cloud computing, SOA, data analytics and mobile applications.


  1. Better quality of life for chronic patients, combined with significant cost reductions.
  2. Improved service technology by means of analytics.
  3. Improved security, flexibility and customizability as well as scalability due to orchestration technology for services computing and secure cloud technology.
  4. Proof of concept on the technical side and through in-the-field usage for chronic disease patients.
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